Sandnes International School adheres to the IB Learning Community ideals. We aspire not just to educate, but also to foster a culture of perpetual learning, global citizenship, and societal improvement. As a result, we see the world as a place where everyone is always learning.

All members of the community are acknowledged, including kids, school staff members, and family. We hope to achieve a healthy school community by developing common understandings and agreements for the best learning practices and the well-being of all members.

International Students at SDIS: What You Need to Know

As one of the IB community schools, we place a strong emphasis on educating students to become intelligent and responsible citizens with developed emotional and social skills. Our teaching approach is comprehensive and holistic, emphasizing the development of well-rounded emotional and social skills.

It is a collective commitment that requires active participation and support from teachers, students, and parents alike. By promoting these ideals, we hope to foster a particular set of characteristics in each individual at SDIS, guaranteeing they emerge as:

  • Curious learners
  • Critical thinkers
  • Eloquent communicators
  • Open-minded scholars
  • Compassionate individuals
  • Risk-takers
  • Reflective intellectuals

These ideals are not only for our students but are values that everyone in our school community should aspire to. We foster a culture of curiosity and lifelong learning, challenge our students with complex topics and different perspectives, celebrate diversity, advocate for a balanced lifestyle, and encourage introspection and self-awareness. Through these beliefs, we at SDIS commit to developing not simply educated students but also empowered individuals capable of making important contributions to the global community.

Become One of Us

By choosing to be a part of our school community, you can be assured that your child will benefit from the best teaching and learning practices based on the IB Programme. Thus, students receive all the assistance they need to develop as whole individuals and reach their fullest potential as compassionate and open-minded global citizens.

We also recognise the importance of parents and staff in the development of a child, and therefore we place a strong focus on home and school partnerships. Students will grow if we can share decisions, exchange ideas, build on experiences, and encourage one another.

As a result, we are pleased to introduce the Parent Committee. It serves as a democratically chosen link and source of support for our community school and its students.

Joining this committee offers parents a valuable opportunity to take part in the school board’s decisions on educational matters, social events, and more, thereby serving as a practical and impactful way for engaged parents to contribute to shaping their children’s schooling experience.s.

Cultivating Success: Strengthening the School-Parent Partnership

We place significant emphasis on recognising teachers and staff as integral partners within the school community. This partnership is a dynamic collaboration where the school and parents align on expectations, working in harmony towards common goals to enhance the educational environment.

Partnerships with families are critical to supporting both the student’s learning journey and the overall development of the community. Collaboration with community members is essential for various reasons:

  • Increasing trust
  • Encouraging transparency
  • Contributing to the student’s
  • level of support
  • Making transitions easier

These collaborative practises, founded on mutual respect and shared goals, foster a vibrant educational ecosystem, allowing every student to reach their full potential within the context of a supportive community network.


Parent Association

Acting as a bridge between the school and parents, the Parent Committee plays an essential role in supporting and encouraging the objectives of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme.

PC constitutes a crucial voice in the school’s strategic planning processes, ensuring a consistent alignment with both educational goals and community needs. Being well-informed of all curriculum evolutions is not just necessary; it’s imperative to maintain the success of our educational approach.

The Parent Committee extends its support network to welcome new families and exchange students, facilitating a smooth and warm integration into the Sandnes International School community. The members ensure everyone feels welcomed and valued. The PC not only supports our school, but it also contributes to the development of a lively, active, and forward-thinking educational community.

Our Activities

Personal, social, and physical education are at the heart of every one of our communities. We seek to improve our community members’ well-being by promoting and developing the necessary concepts, skills, and information. Each individual in our community understands how vital well-being is for all students, as it involves everyone’s physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and social health. Consequently, our approach is characterised by innovation, with each of our captivating activities, immersive field trips, and exhilarating outdoor projects designed to intersect and illuminate two core areas of our curriculum:

  • Physical education promotes students’ fitness awareness and fosters an interest in sports and physical exercise. The physical education component of our education encompasses a wide range of activities that all urge physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development.
  • Personal and social education provides students with models and values for dealing with personal and social concerns while maintaining good mental health and well-being. For these goals, we have created both offline and online libraries. Students can develop their self-identity and apply appropriate social skills in a variety of real-life settings in this manner.