Sandnes International School adheres to the IB Learning Community ideals. We aspire not just to educate, but also to foster a culture of perpetual learning, global citizenship, and societal improvement. As a result, we see the world as a place where everyone is always learning.

All members of the community are acknowledged, including kids, school staff members, and family. We hope to achieve a healthy school community by developing common understandings and agreements for the best learning practices and the well-being of all members.

International School Community
As one of the IB community schools, we place a strong emphasis on educating students to become intelligent and responsible citizens with developed emotional and social skills. Our teaching approach is comprehensive and holistic, emphasizing the development of well-rounded emotional and social skills.

It is a collective commitment that requires active participation and support from teachers, students, and parents alike. By promoting these ideals, we hope to foster a particular set of characteristics in each individual at SDIS, guaranteeing they emerge as:

Curious learners
Critical thinkers
Eloquent communicators
Open-minded scholars
Compassionate individuals
Reflective intellectuals


These ideals are not only for our students but are values that everyone in our school community should aspire to. We foster a culture of curiosity and lifelong learning, challenge our students with complex topics and different perspectives, celebrate diversity, advocate for a balanced lifestyle, and encourage introspection and self-awareness. Through these beliefs, we at SDIS commit to developing not simply educated students but also empowered individuals capable of making important contributions to the global community.