Once the students fulfill the conditions to attend a Norwegian School we can start our Admission process. 

New applications for SdIS are made online, through the school website There are two types of admission. You must pick one. 

Main Admission:

Applications for the next academic year are processed and communicated in admissions rounds. Each of the rounds can be considered an admission deadline. 

  • The first round of offers – Last Friday in January of each year

  • The second round of offers – First Friday in March of each year

  • The third round of offers – Last Friday in April

  • The fourth round of offer – Last Monday of the academic year

Each applicant will be given a deadline to accept. Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted to confirm if they want to stay on the list. 

Supplementary Admissions: 

Places can be offered throughout the school year when there are available places in a class. These places may be offered throughout the academic year. The start date will be established in collaboration with the appropriate staff members.

      Accepting an offer

  1. To secure your child’s place at SdIS, the school’s admissions document must be signed by both parents/ guardians and returned to the Admissions Office.
  2. Your child’s place is secured on receipt of:
    1. Signed confirmation
    2. Payment of the first invoice (This fee is not refundable if your child is withdrawn from school before the first day of tuition)
  3. Families will attend an introductory meeting with the relevant coordinator and/or homeroom teacher 
  4. After a child has started school, three months’ notice of withdrawal is required. The notice begins on the 1st of the month following receipt of the school’s withdrawal form