Sandnes International School (SdIS) is available for students between 6 to 16 years old. 

Academic Languages

Our main language of instruction is English. All students will be provided developmentally appropriate language support in both English and Norwegian. When students join the middle years program we also include Spanish as an additional language. 

Inquiry-based learning in context

Our staff craft inquiry-based learning situations that allows students to actively participate in what they learn. These learning situations can occur in and outside of the classroom. We provide conditions for students to learn and develop their skills safely, allowing them to see how to relate to the world around them. We also encourage them to reflect on how it connects to them. 

Conceptually based

Our curriculum is based on conceptual understanding which means that big ideas are explored. We use frameworks within which knowledge can be acquired across traditional academic curriculums. Students are able to connect and make their own understanding within a conceptual framework which also allows them to connect this to the world around them. 

Safe and Positive School Environment

All students are entitled to a safe and positive school environment that promotes health, well-being, and learning. Students, staff and parents/caregivers have a shared responsibility to create and maintain a positive school environment. We seek to establish and work together to maintain a school environment that promotes the best for the child and their learning. (The Education Act §9a)